Covid 19 and the Rise of the Home Office

2020 has led to a re-think of office work, leading to a focus on working from home and the advent of the home office.  At, we have seen the same struggles as everybody with uncertainty in when people will return to the regular office.

People who are used to a separation between work and home life are struggling to maintain a focused area. Where they can produce the same results as the office. This has become very difficult now that many are forced to work from home. And juggle the pressures of work and home life.
There has been a huge demand for our home offices. As people look for a sustainable way to work from home without interruption.

Our customers have invested hugely in their homes and so are looking for a premium option that will stand the test of time and also add value to their property. There are plenty of cheap solutions that will last for a few years but, ultimately will need to be scrapped due to the use of cheaper materials.

Here at, we use our years of experience in building timber frame houses. Just to ensure that we produce a quality product that will last a lifetime and longer. Each of our Home Offices and Garden Rooms contains the best of materials to ensure a warm environment. Our home offices are well designed to ensure that people are impressed with how they look. Our customer’s neighbors are always hugely impressed with how our home offices look. Which is why we get so much referral work.

When your business does a great job, clients don’t care where your office is located. If you want an amazing home office or garden room that will stand the test of time then please contact us for a quote.

Our service includes everything from foundations to you moving in. So, all you have to worry about is what furniture to choose to suit your personality. That’s the fun part!



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