Garden Room Inspiration from around the Globe

Here at TuffPods, we’re always looking around the world for garden room design inspiration.

TuffPods is a subsidiary of – a timber frame housing company. We have been building complex houses that meet all building regulations for years now. That’s why, when somebody comes to us with a new design for a garden room, we say no problem! We can build pretty much anything for you. We’re always looking to improve our room designs. That a look at some garden room designs below which we think are amazing:


1. Koda by Kodasema 

Koda Garden RoomMuch more than just a garden room. This amazing design is a mini house packed into a small contemporary design. We love how Koda has packed so much into such a small space. This would make an ideal garden room or 1 bedroom studio in your back garden. Imagine having one of these for your guests or friends to stay in! Visit Kodasema:


2. Barasso

Barasso Garden RoomA wonderful mixture of black facades & glass: As you can see from our garden rooms, we love to experiment with different facades to bring amazing designs to life. We’ve used larch, metal cladding, cement render & fibre cement on our buildings. This design from Barasso is a wonderful mixture of black cladding and glass to offer a brilliant garden room that is bursting with light. I can’t wait until one of our customers asks us to design a black facade like this.

3. Pool House from Design Pools

Pool House Garden RoomThis design all in white is unique in that it looks so simple. We really like the clean lines with all of that glass to offer garden rooms that are hard to beat. This design uses an aluminum facade to bring that sleek look to life. Again, bursting with light, this would make a wonderful garden room.


TuffPods that brought to you by has worked for a variety of clients from individuals to corporates. MGO will leave no stone unturned to produce attractive and insulated home offices in Ireland for you at very reasonable prices.

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