Garden Rooms Extensions Ireland

In this post, we will talk about how our garden rooms are perfect for home extensions.

As you know, we have years of experience using our timber frame technology to build houses across Ireland. We use the same techniques to build our garden rooms so that they will last a lifetime, much the same as your home. Modular building has become one of the most popular methods of building in recent years.

There are many advantages to using this method to build your extension:

  • less time to build
  • precision engineering to ensure quality and best practices
  • 25% less waste compared to traditional builds
  • less time on-site leading to less disruption for our clients
  • higher quality standards
  • more cost-effective as 90% of build completed in optimal conditions

These are just some of the advantages to modular building. The most important thing is quality. We ensure that all of our garden room extensions are built to the highest quality in our factory.

If you are thinking of building an extension to your home in Ireland then here are the reasons why you should consider us:

  • A wealth of experience in modular building including housing estates, garden rooms, house extensions, and 1 bedroom pods
  • precision engineering in a controlled environment leading to better quality
  • we take care of demolition & joining to your existing home using our certified partners
  • Use of traditional & contemporary facades giving you an amazing look that suits your personality
  • less time on-site with little disruption

So, whether it is a garden room, 1 or 2 bedroom pod, or an extension, the same rules apply. We will apply our precision engineering to build a structure that will look amazing and add value to your home.

Take a look at some of our galleries below to see the work we have done so far:


We also have a lot of orders in for garden rooms and extensions using the latest in exterior facade technologies. All of our suppliers are based in Ireland and are nsai certified. Take a look at some of the work we will be doing in the coming months (reference only):


TuffPods that brought to you by has worked for a variety of clients from individuals to corporates. MGO will leave no stone unturned to produce attractive and insulated home offices in Ireland for you at very reasonable prices.

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